Does your event need the power of delegator ?

delegator facilitates the planning, ticketing, fee collection, tracking, and administration of your next live event. Provides tools for both event planners & administrators as well as presenters & attendees. Requires no installed software, and can be administered from simple browsers from any computer or smartphone.


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Give your delegates the best User Experience possible…

Sell Tickets Online.

Payments can go straight to your Stripe or Realex account. Or send an PDF invoice, it's your choice.

Streamline Communication.

Your attendees will appreciate how straightforward the ticketing and registration process is. Time tabling is a simple..

Control Access. Totally.

Control perimeter and session access with just a smartphone and an Internet connection.

Your team will love working with delegator


Make beautiful tickets in any image editor in minutes, to sell online. Make hidden, discounted tickets to discriminate on price. Export CRM detail on attendees and use this to improve online sales. Seamless integration with Google Analytics, makes reporting easy.


Control perimeter and session access with just smartphones and an Internet connection. Real time ticket status information available to agents. Just point and scan –no training necessary. Process a greater number of attendees in less time, with fewer agents.


Decide ticket types and prices (including 'free'). Add sessions. Assign sessions to ticket types with a single click. Need to arrange accomodation? No problem–we integrate with BookServe reservations. Set up an event and start selling tickets in less than one hour.


Take payment by any means. Reduce commissions. Attendees can only register when they're marked paid. PDF invoices. No need to surface mail. Easy CSV export of payment status for input to Sage. Secure 3D with Realex. Can't take cards? No problem: Stripe and Braintree deposit straight to your bank account

The Delegator Process

Delegator Process

Delegator in action